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Moviemex3D is the Italian leading company specialized in the design and manufacturing 4D Theatres and Cinemas, Dynamic Simulators, Interactive Multi-sensory Attractions and Virtual Reality rides.

After 16 years of experience, in direct contact with its customers, Moviemex3D S.r.l is now a brand known all over the world, a symbol of reliability, quality and high technology with installations in over 40 countries in all continents.

Moviemex3D keeps evolving and pushing the limits of technology to offer its clients a new and unique experience.

Since 2004 Moviemex3D uses all its strength to improve security, reliability of its attractions, by providing a greater guarantee. Many partners have chosen Moviemex3D and the "Made in Italy" brand because not only, it offers pre and post-sales customer support, it also provides the best quality at the best price.

Moviemex3D realizes Custom 3D movies and VR contents, following the customer from the first stage of the Story Board to the modeling and rendering stage.

Moviemex3D has recently moved from Catania to Verona in larger headquarters to be also closer

to the European hub of manufacturers and all its customers.

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