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Floating between the galaxies, fly over wide valleys or just above the water. Breathtaking emotions felt just seating on our VR FlightSim! The guests seat on the comfortable seats, close the Shoulder Bar, put on VR Headset and the Virtual Flight begins.

The 3DOF pneumatic system allows a wide range of linear movements with high velocities and accelerations. 

Thanks to our patent recoding system for movements and effects, VR FlightSim is perfectly synchronized with 360° Video, audio surround, and environmental effects such as wind, rain and aroma. 

There is no limit to imagination, so the VR FlightSim can be themed and personalized following Park needs.

We can consider The FlightSim as next generation attraction: in the minimum space, the maximum affordability…all made in Italy!

Typical Venues

  • Proportional pneumatic system 3DOF

  • Fluid, silent and precise motion

  • Emergency stop and safety belts

  • Refined and comfortable Polyurethane seats 

  • 18 ° Roll

  • 22 ° Pitch

  • Wind

  • Shoulder Bar with Gas cylinder

  • Strobe lights

  • PICO 4K VR technology

  • People-Counting System

  • 10 Virtual Experiences

  • 4 Suspended Beds

  • VR high quality films for an amazing experience

  • Dynamic Design Shell

  • Best possible Return of Investment

  • Simple Installation and Operation

  • Turnkey and customized solutions available


Special FX


Moviemex3D S.r.l - Viale del Lavoro 5, Madonna dell’Uva Secca

Verona - Italy   tel  

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