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Moviemex3D is looking for brave explorers. Any kind of fear is not admitted: you have to escape from VR Dungeon...alive!

The latest VR Attraction today is here: a completely immersive and astonishing Dungeon, where the  guests have acces to a totally empty area and after they wear the headset, the surrounding change and bring them inside an hyper reality.

Visual effects combined and tracked with enviromental asset will recreate a total new experience 

Do you want to know more? Come to enjoy the VR Dungeon in our Show Room in Verona!

Typical Venues

magic forest 72dpi
mayan adventure 72dpi
  • Hyper Reality Technology

  • HTC Vive headset pro

  • Wifi and wireless technology

  • Operator Console

  • TV for Live game

  • VR Server High end

  • Interactive tracker 

  • VR Experience

  • Footprint required 360x360x160 

  • Power Supply 3kW 

  • Environmental effect

  • Vibration

  • Wind

  • 3 Interactive Experience

  • Dynamic Design Shell

  • Best possible Return of Investment

  • Simple Installation and Operation

  • Turnkey and customized solutions available


Special FX


Moviemex3D S.r.l - Viale del Lavoro 5, Madonna dell’Uva Secca

Verona - Italy   tel  

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