Movieland opened for the public in 2002, the first Italian leisure park dedicated to the world of cinema. Following the concept as Universal Studios, the park was adapted for the Italian guests. Spread on 47.000 meters square, its attractions and shows are scene from famous movies where the conceivers used their imagination to give the unique effect.Moviemex3D, in partnership with Movieland, brought to life the amazing concept of Android. We’ve created in 2017 a custom movie, full with adventure that projects you beyond the limit, between reality and fiction! To keep amazing the public, in 2018 we came out with an update, a 2.0 version, a next generation thrill ride that blurs the line between the 2 parallel worlds: the existent one and the fantasy one.

Are you ready to save the world together?!


Moviemex3D S.r.l - Viale del Lavoro 5, Madonna dell’Uva Secca

Verona - Italy   tel  

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