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The MD Immersive Tunnel is a dynamic attraction totally immersive that will astonish guests.

The MD Immersive Tunnel is one of Main Attraction that Moviemex3D offers to Theme Parks, thanks also to the various possibles customizable theming that will create funny, exciting and thrilling adventures for all targets.

The attraction is made with 3DOF simulator of 6 seats each module, thereby creating train wagons or fiberglass tram, all surrounded by a 270° panoramic screen, where the public will watch a High quality 3D immersive ride full of environmental effects.

In this Attraction, synchronization is the state of the art: video, movements, vibrations and drops will be perfectly coordinated with special effects such as rain, wind, strobe, aroma, smoke and much more.

Everything will be much more astonishing thanks to Audio Dolby 7.1 Mega Bass and 3D HD Projection.

Typical Venues

  • Powerful 3DOF Pneumatic System

  • Fluid, silent and precise motion

  • Emergency stop and safety belts

  • In Builts Special Effects

  • Fiberglass cockipt train 

  • Roll / 15° Rotation

  • Pitch / 15° Inclination 

  • Legs Ticklers

  • Air jet

  • Water spray

  • Vibration

  • 3D Active Glasses

  • Full 8K Projectors

  • Custom Immersive Movies diffente Theme

  • Best possible Return of Investment

  • Customizable projects for all venues

  • Turnkey and customized solutions available


Special FX

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