Luneur Park’s life starts again, completely transformed. A Garden of Wonders, in the heart of Rome, dedicated to children from 0 to 12 years and their families. A park where, among more than 300 different plant species, it will be possible to live and enjoy a fantastic experience with rides, games, workshops and shows. All in complete freedom and safety. The Lunasfera: the 7D cinema, built by Moviemex3D, where you will live an intense and exciting journey into the world of nature and you will know all the people that animates it behind the scene. During the fascinating experience, visitors will be accompanied by gusts of wind, vibration, bubbles and many other special effects.


Moviemex3D S.r.l - Viale del Lavoro 5, Madonna dell’Uva Secca

Verona - Italy   tel  

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